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Case Studies

Marketing matters and my experience in advertising and marketing can definitely make a difference in the home shopping community knowing that a home is available.  The homes below are specific examples of how my targeted marketing efforts increased awareness while driving viewings and showings and creating full market value offers. With over 35 years of marketing experience, I am confident my process can make a difference but, in life, there are no guarantees.  As a result, I must state that these results may not be possible for every home.

On the market for 449 days before my marketing sold
it in 95 days.
On the market
273 Days before an acceptable offer in 61 days.
Sold in 9 days for the highest per square foot value in Shadowood 
at time of sale
Sold for the 2nd highest cost per square foot in Wendover.
On the market over 180 days before my marketing sold it in 4 days.
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