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A Process Designed to Increase Awareness

Ken will not simply place a sign in your front yard and disappear.  He will walk you through the steps necessary to market your home effectively, whether in Madison, Brandon or Jackson, MS.  His marketing strategies will engage prospective homeowners and Real Estate professionals to find the right family for your home quickly.


Steps in the Marketing Process


  • Develop a competitive marketing analysis to identify your homes competitive advantages when compared to other homes on the market.

    • Ken has experience analyzing data and understanding the importance of features and benefits to begin the process

  • Document the unique points of difference that are unique to your home and important in attracting families looking for their next great home.

    • Your home is special and understanding that is important to Ken.  He will work with you as a team to build marketing messages that will make  a difference

  • Develop a marketing plan to provide a road map of activities designed with our three goals in mind.

    • Increase awareness that your home is now available in the marketplace

    • Increase property showings to qualified buyers and Real Estate professionals

    • Drive full market value offers

  • Create a marketing calendar of activities then begin to develop, launch and measure the results of compelling messages that communicate your homes unique points of difference. 

    • Use high-quality photography

      • No cell phone photos here

    • Advertising

    • Unique Website to market your home

    • Use your home's address as the unique URL

      •  Creates consistency and memorability

    • Social media to promote your home's unique features and engage the community

    • Direct mail

    • E-Mail

    • On-property events and marketing partnership opportunities

      • Coordinate with leading real estate consultants and local business to generate interest

  • Follow up with potential buyers and Real Estate professionals

    • Secure feedback from showings and on-property events to improve results

  • Weekly review meetings with each homeowner

    • Discuss marketing plan activity and results






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